• Application for Residency

    All adults 18 years and older must submit an application for residency and pay a $60 non-refundable application fee. 

  • Occupancy Guidelines

    2 persons per bedroom

  • Income Verification

    Landlords and management companies want to verify that prospective tenants have sufficient funds to cover the rent. Continuance of income is another consideration. They also want assurance that any income needed to cover the lease will continue for, at minimum, the term of the lease, which in most cases will be 12 months.

    For applicants that don’t have employer pay stubs and/or W–2s to prove their income, other income verification options include:

    • New hire letter from employer
    • IRA/401K distribution statements
    • Social Security statement
    • Workers’ Compensation statement
    • Annuity statement
    • 1099-R forms (also known as a pension distribution statement, documenting any annuities and/or retirement plans)
    • Dividend statements
    • Court-ordered award letter (child support, etc.)
    • Bank statements (can be provided, but do not assure continuance of income) 

    Self-employed individuals can provide the following:

    • 1099-MISC forms
    • Tax returns (last 2 years)
    • Profit & Loss statements
  • Credit and Rental History

    • All applicants who will be financially responsible for lease payments must pass a credit screening
    • All adults 18 years and older must pass a criminal background and eviction check
    • Gross monthly income must be equal to 3 times the amount of monthly rent or greater
    • 75% of accounts shown on credit report must be positive (excluding all medical bills and/or student loans and mortgage foreclosure)
    • Any bankruptcy must be discharged
    • Applicants must have minimum six months of stable, positive rental history
  • The Following Are Grounds for Immediate Denial

    • Any application that is falsified
    • Any application with invalid social security number
    • Any application with one (1) or more landlord debts, paid or unpaid
    • Any application with a bankruptcy that has not been discharged
    • Bounced application or earnest deposit payments
    • Co-signing for applicants is not permitted
  • Criminal Background

    • Any criminal background or felony conviction that is not deemed to be a threat to the community may be considered
    • Any applicant with misdemeanor or felony crimes involving violence, drugs or sex offenses will not be considered
  • Applicable Fees, Move in Costs and Conditions

    • $60.00 application fee due per adult 18 years and older
    • $175.00 non-refundable administrative fee due upon application approval
    • $300.00 non-refundable pet rent fee, all dogs must be of a non-aggressive breed, applicant to verify pet policy with HOA (if present,) regarding breed, size, etc.
    • All utilities must be in the tenants name on the day of move-in, verification is required to obtain keys. All utilities will be disconnected as of the move-in date from landlord name
    • Up to 1 month rent earnest deposit ($300 minimum) is required to reserve the property while application is being processed. If the earnest deposit is not paid, the home is not being reserved/held for applicant and any other applicant submitting an application with earnest deposit will be considered. The earnest deposit is non-refundable once application have been approved and applicant has been notified by our office. All move-ins further out than 10 days require payment of an earnest deposit equal to one month's rent. Lease signing required upon application approval
    • All move-in funds must be paid with cash only, and must be deposited at a CheckFreePay location. Further, all move-in funds must be deposited a minimum of two (2) days before the lease start date. Move-in funds deposits must be verified before keys can be released
    • Owners may, at their discretion, ask for a security deposit that is legally not to exceed 1.5x the monthly rental amount